When is the Best Time to Run?

May 16 • 2016

Scheduling a run can be a challenge if you are busy. In addition to time constraints, you have your personal preferences. Are you the type of runner who jumps out of bed and can’t wait to get going, or do you love to sleep late? Keeping a successful running regimen includes taking personal inventory. Do I see myself running in the morning or evening? Just because the latest, greatest guru may be promoting a recommendation, in the end choose what works best with your time and your body.

If you’re a new runner, switch it up a bit to determine what time of day best suits you. At the end of the day, it’s all about enjoying the time on the road.



Run Safely, Stay Alert

May 5 • 2016

Beyond stretching and wearing the right shoes, staying safe on the road is important, especially if you’re running alone or

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