Fun Times Running with a Friend

May 16 • 2016

Finding a running buddy can be a great motivator, and add a new dimension to your run. If it’s a close friend, running gives you a chance to catch up, listen or just visit. If it’s a new friend, you can help each other by setting goals and learning from each other. Running together is an ideal way to bond and build new relationships. From the start, consider a few things to ensure the partnership is a good match.

  • Choose a partner with a similar experience level. A new runner may find an expert runner intimidating or even discouraging.
  • Consider pace. Try a short walk or run to determine if both runners move at about the same speed. One runner who has a slower pace may frustrate a fast-paced runner.

Having more than one running partner expands your running horizons, giving everyone a chance to stay motivated, and more importantly, have fun!



Run Safely, Stay Alert

May 5 • 2016

Beyond stretching and wearing the right shoes, staying safe on the road is important, especially if you’re running alone or

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