In less than one month, Baptist North Mississippi will open the doors to our brand new $300 million hospital, ushering in a new era of health care for the Oxford community and surrounding counties.

Nearly three years in the making, this hospital reflects our solid dedication to treating and caring for all Mississippians through advanced technologies, patient-friendly layouts, and specialized care.

Within sight of the previous hospital, the new Baptist North Mississippi ‒ located on Belk Boulevard ‒ is physically positioned to accommodate future growth and added services for years to come. With an expanded emergency room, more surgical suites and operating rooms, and larger patient rooms, we’re making it possible for care to remain close to home—and for families to remain close together during critical times.

On November 25, we officially open the new Baptist North Mississippi, renewing our investment and commitment to your care.

We’re excited to share a few photos and invite you to take a sneak peek!