Baptist OneCare Electronic Health Record Installation Is Complete

It’s been nearly a year since we welcomed Mississippi Baptist Health Systems based in Jackson, Mississippi, to our family of hospitals. In that time, our teams have worked closely together to evaluate and align our services so that we can offer the greatest value to patients. I am happy to share that this month we have reached a new milestone. We have completed installation of our electronic health record system Baptist OneCare at all Mississippi Baptist hospitals and clinics.

Baptist OneCare is a tremendous resource for patients and our clinical staff. Through this electronic health record system, our medical staff can access a patient’s medical record anywhere. This access to a patient’s comprehensive health record allows a patient’s entire medical team to have a complete picture of the patient’s condition. Access to this information removes any barriers to the medical team’s collaboration and results in more thorough diagnoses and, ultimately, better care for patients.

Baptist OneCare offers many direct benefits to patients as well. Through the patient portal, Baptist OneCare MyChart, patients can access their medical records from their mobile devices or computers. This allows patients to control their health care information and more closely partner with their physicians on their plan of care. Through the portal, patients can immediately access their test results, schedule appointments, order refills and pay their bills. They also can schedule e-appointments, get reminders and email their doctors or nurses with questions. All of this information make patients better consumers of health care and allow them to better manage their care.

Baptist OneCare is just one of the ways combining our resources with Mississippi Baptist is benefitting our patients and community. We still have more work to do, and I believe there are many other ways we’ll advance health care in Mississippi. I look forward to sharing some of those accomplishments with you as we achieve them in the future. If you’d like more information about Baptist OneCare MyChart or to sign up, please visit our website.