Baptist Memorial Health Care has released an Economic Impact Report to showcase how the health system has played a role in the local economy. Using data compiled by the Sparks Bureau of Business and Economic Research at the University of Memphis, this report gives employees, patients, and community members a variety of information about job creation, local and state taxes, and goods and services produced in 2012.

In this report, Baptist shares the impact of the organization as a whole, as well as each individual hospital. This includes the top ten industries affected by Baptist and the output, state and local taxes, labor income, and employment numbers for each of their 14 hospitals. The full report and individual location reports are available for download.

The statistics compiled in this report show that Baptist’s economic impact extends beyond hospital campuses as Baptist, contractors, and employees purchased supplies and spent their earnings throughout the area because of the hospital’s day-to-day operations. The Memphis and Mid-South communities that Baptist serves have grown and prospered with the health care services Baptist offers and thanks to their economic and demographic growth, have made Baptist a successful organization.

To find out more about Baptist Memorial Health Care’s impact on the community, read the full report or watch this short video.