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Mar 28 • 2019

Poor sleep can lead to greater health problems if left untreated. Because everyone experiences poor sleep at one time or another, it’s easy to make excuses for what may actually be a sleep disorder. At the Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle Sleep Disorder Center, we offer the guidance and expertise needed to determine if or how lack of sleep is affecting your lifestyle.

Our board-certified physician and sleep specialist, John C. Boswell, MD helps patients improve their quality of sleep through evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and long-term care planning. More than 70 different kinds of sleep disorders cause many people to suffer from lack of sleep, with sleep apnea being the most common.

“Sleep disorders, particularly sleep breathing disorders, affect many aspects of our health. Commonly people think of sleep disorders in terms of sleep quality and duration. Indeed that is one aspect. Possibly more important though is how sleep disorders can contribute to heart disease, stroke, lung disease and even diabetes,” said Dr. Boswell.

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Whether it happens occasionally or continually, poor sleep may only be due to lifestyle or it may indicate a larger health issue. We encourage all our patients to begin by developing good sleep behaviors and lifestyle choices that promote sound sleep. Our lifestyle tips are a helpful reference tool.

“Many of my patients are surprised to learn that not only does obesity worsen their sleep apnea but untreated sleep apnea also worsens their obesity by suppressing the hormone that makes us feel full and satisfied after a meal,” Dr. Boswell said.

Another place to start is by keeping a sleep diary. Recording your sleep patterns, especially how your sleep changes, can help us determine if medical help or a lifestyle change is needed. Our doctor can review the diary information, complete a basic exam, and perform blood tests to determine the best treatment options. If a doctor believes a sleep study would be helpful, we can help.

At-home sleep study

A sleep study is a simple, painless procedure that reveals a lot about what’s happening with your body during sleep. The Baptist Golden Triangle Sleep Disorder Center now offers an at-home sleep test that most anyone can administer alone. Our patients carry home a portable case that holds the equipment.

This physician-ordered study includes a nasal pressure cannula, a slip-on finger pulse/oxygen sensor, and a recording device on an adjustable belt worn around the torso. Sleeping position isn’t restricted, making it easy to get the minimum four hours of sleep necessary for the test to be performed. After the test is completed, the patient returns the equipment to the hospital, where registered sleep technicians score the study, and a certified sleep physician interprets the data.

This new tool is more convenient than ever, allowing patients to be screened for sleep apnea in the comfort of their own home. If necessary, further testing can be performed in our Sleep Disorder Center. The center offers a comfortable setting with a private bath, cable TV and free Wi-Fi.

Visit our website to find out more about our sleep disorder center, or call 662-244-2938 for additional information about our at-home sleep study.

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