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Baptist DeSoto Expands Emergency Department

May 29 • 2018

Expansion Underway for Baptist DeSoto’s Emergency Department

As one of the fastest growing counties in the United States, DeSoto County continues to welcome change and development. To better serve an increasing population, Baptist Memorial Hospital-DeSoto is renovating and expanding its well-respected emergency department in a project slated for completion this summer.

Dr. Stanley Thompson, emergency physician at Baptist DeSoto, said the project is focused on providing a consistent level of exceptional care to more patients who need it.

“Baptist DeSoto grew really, really fast,” said Thompson. “We went from 30,000 patients to almost 70,000 patients over the last 13 years. The community is growing so we have to grow with it. This expansion will give us more rooms and the ability to take care of patients more efficiently.”

In addition to renovated treatment areas and waiting rooms, the hospital will have 55 new treatment rooms when the project wraps up—doubling its current size.

Special areas will be reserved for critically ill patients, patients who need urgent care and patients with nonurgent concerns—all staffed with certified doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses and experienced health care staff.

When every second counts, this model is designed to help patients see a doctor faster—especially those presenting with heart attack or stroke symptoms.

Leading-edge Cardiovascular and Stroke Treatment

As one of the largest emergency departments in North Mississippi, Baptist DeSoto is particularly focused on heart attack and stroke treatment and prevention.

“We’re the No. 1 cardiovascular team in the state of Mississippi,” said Thompson. “It doesn’t matter what you come in with you are taken care of at Baptist DeSoto—from heart attack, different arrhythmias, atrial fibrillation, congestive heart failure—you name it. The gamut of heart disease is covered at Baptist DeSoto.”

However, according to Thompson, many people make the mistake of not calling 911 when they experience life-threatening symptoms.

“EMS [Emergency Medical Services] has specialized paramedics on the ambulance who can begin medical care as soon as they arrive,” said Thompson. “For strokes and heart attack symptoms, we want you to call 911. The ambulance can transmit your EKG to the hospital, and our hospital staff can prepare to treat you as soon as you arrive.”

This heart attack protocol—called Code STEMI—has helped Thompson and the emergency department team move patients from the ER to the catherization lab in as little as 14 minutes.

For patients experiencing a stroke or neurological condition, immediate medical intervention is essential. Baptist DeSoto physicians partner with Semmes Murphey neurology and Baptist’s TeleStroke services, providing patients with 24/7 access to the country’s most accomplished neurologists.

“Early intervention for stroke and other neurological conditions can increase your likelihood of survival and odds for a full recovery,” said Thompson.

Peace of Mind for Mothers and Babies

Baptist DeSoto not only provides specialized emergency department care for cardiovascular and neurological emergencies but also covers issues related to pregnancy. The hospital recently opened its obstetrics emergency room, which is staffed 24/7 by board-certified, OB-GYN doctors who can provide expert care to pregnant people every day of the year.

This convenience and accessibility make it easy for expecting and new moms to get the care they need when things don’t feel right.

Doctors on staff in the OB ED are required to meet yearly medical education requirements and receive training in advanced fetal assessment, obstetrical emergencies and routine deliveries. The team can easily communicate with a patient’s personal OB-GYN about her visit and plans for care, providing a seamless and supportive transition.

Support for the DeSoto Community

Watch our conversation with Dr. Thompson for more information about the Baptist DeSoto emergency department, when you should call 911 and how to recognize the signs of heart attack and stroke.

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