Employee Retention Reflects Baptist Mission and Culture

Nov 21 • 2017

We recently held celebrations for Baptist team members who commemorated their work anniversaries during the last quarter. We had team members who celebrated 40-, 50- and even 60-year anniversaries. That is amazing by today’s standards and a clear testament to the culture and mission of Baptist.

People don’t usually stay with an organization that long unless they have a good work environment or they believe in the work they’re doing. Fortunately, I believe Baptist offers both of those—a great mission and culture.

While I had no influence on the culture or focus of Baptist 60 years ago, I certainly hope my leadership has an impact now. I have been working with our human resources team for a number of years to implement a leadership initiative that encourages accountability, innovation and excellence. Eventually, these behaviors will influence how all team members work.

It is my desire to create a collaborative environment where people choose to stay because they feel appreciated, fulfilled and challenged by their work. I believe happy staff members who feel valued work better together and consistently provide better care and patient experiences.

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