Baptist Shares Gratitude with 30 Days of Thanks

Nov 2 • 2017

Last November, we started a new tradition at Baptist. We invited Baptist team members to share why they were thankful for working in health care or at Baptist Memorial Health Care. I was surprised by the number of responses we received, but I was happy to see so many team members participate.

Interestingly, our team had many thanks in common. Across our 17 hospitals, which now have grown to 21, our team members were thankful to work for an organization with a Christian mission and focus. They were thankful for our commitment to quality, our charitable mission and our dedication to patients. And they were thankful for each other.

I, too, am thankful for my Baptist family. They challenge and inspire me each day. They motivate me to be a better leader and to make sure our organization stays focused on our mission and patients. When I have a difficult day or receive disappointing news, my team members’ emails, letters and stories remind me why we work so hard and encourage me to stay the course and identify solutions that will help us accomplish our mission.

I love being connected to such a passionate and caring team and an important purpose. I know what we do matters for each and every patient that enters our doors, and I’m grateful that we can be there for these patients, their families and each other.

Please visit our Facebook page and Instagram page to see what Baptist team members are thankful for this year. We’ll be using the hashtag #BaptistGivesThanks.