Breast Cancer Survivor Walks to Remember

Oct 25 • 2017

Martha Gunter, a Memphis native and cash posting specialist with Baptist Medical Group, was diagnosed with breast cancer 15 years ago at the age of 45. With a family history that included her mother, who died from the disease, Martha knew the importance of early detection. However, that year a busy schedule had gotten in the way of her annual exam.

“I had always gotten mammograms and was planning on my annual exam, but put it off because my son was a busy high school senior.”

When she visited her family doctor for help with a sinus infection, he insisted on scheduling a mammogram. When the scan revealed cancer, she was shocked. “I didn’t feel bad or wasn’t sick.” Fortunately, the tumor was small and her prognosis good.

After her diagnosis, Martha’s treatment plan moved quickly: chemotherapy, mastectomy and reconstructive surgery.

Now, as a survivor, she celebrates by sharing her story with others, encouraging people to get mammograms, and staying active.

“Last year, I wanted to do something different to celebrate my survivorship and decided I would try to walk five different Susan G. Komen walks.”

This year, she has walked in four races, with her husband waiting at every finish line. She’s traveled to Jackson, Mississippi; Ft. Worth, Texas; and Jonesboro, Arkansas. Her fifth walk this year will be Race for the Cure in Memphis on October 28.

Already looking ahead to next year, she wants to walk 15 different Susan G. Komen races—one to represent each year of her survivorship.

“I challenge all men and women to walk one of the breast cancer walks or to donate to breast cancer research and help find a cure.”

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