4 Reasons Why Men Put Off Doctor’s Visits

Jun 2 • 2017

Research has shown that men tend to die at a younger age than women do – they’re also half as likely to go to the doctor as women. Although this is not the only factor that can be attributed to a typically shorter lifespan, it is one that can be easily changed. I can also have a big impact on a man’s overall health. So why do men put off going to the doctor? We’ve outlined some of the most common responses to this question heard by our doctors and why it’s time to put each excuse back on the shelf.

“I Don’t Have Time.”

Men often put off going to the doctor because they feel like they don’t have time. Luckily, there are a variety of options for appointments. Whether you need to go early in the morning before work, stop in on your lunch break, or schedule something for after work, many doctors’ offices are flexible and can easily accommodate a busy schedule. By making an appointment a few weeks in advance, you can also pre-plan your day to remain as productive as possible.

“I Don’t Know How to Choose a Doctor I’ll Like.”

Another issue for men is not having a primary care doctor that they’ve built a relationship with – and not knowing how to find one. You can use your insurance provider’s website to find a doctor in your area that meets the criteria you need, or browse doctors within a particular health system. Speaking to a trusted friend or family member about which doctor he or she uses can also be a good place to start. If you visit a doctor who you don’t connect with, don’t hesitate to try someone else next time. Eventually, you’ll find the perfect match.

“I’m Healthy – Why Bother?”

Because men are inherently bigger risk takers, many wait until there is a medical emergency to visit a doctor. However, there are screenings men should be getting regularly as they age, as well as general health check-ups. This is especially important for men who have a family history of health issues. By being proactive, you’re more likely to catch a problem earlier, which can have a big impact on your course of treatment.

“I’m Afraid to Find Out if Something is Wrong.”

Lastly, the fear of finding a serious medical issue is another reason men often skip a doctor’s visit. Whether you smoke, have gained weight, aren’t exercising, or have a family history of serious illness, it’s more important to go to the doctor and get help than to avoid going altogether. Whether or not you visit a doctor, a health issue will impact your life – so why not get help for it as soon as you can?

Men, do you avoid going to the doctor? In honor of Men’s Health Month, vow to make a change. Find a Baptist doctor in your area and make an appointment for a check-up or necessary health screening today.