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How to Find the Best Home Health Aide for Your Loved One

May 12 • 2017

Choosing a home health aide can be an extremely difficult process. There are so many options to pick from and you want to be sure whoever you pick is the right match for your loved one. You’re looking based on expertise, trustworthiness, personality, and more. What are some of the most important things to keep in mind? Find the best home health aide for whatever your situation may be with these tips.

What Kind of Care Are You Looking For?

Did you know there is more than one type of home health aide? Skilled care aides provide medical care. Custodial care aids work with more personal tasks, like hygiene, shopping, cooking, and other day to day tasks that someone may need assistance with. If you’re using an agency to find a home health aide, knowing what you’re looking for is extremely important because some only offer one or the other. Identifying your loved one’s needs prior to beginning your search can ensure you’re only meeting with the most qualified candidates.

Use Your Resources

You can choose to go through a home health agency to find a caregiver, but you can also speak with your doctor if you’d like a more personalized recommendation. You can also reach out to your local department of health to get a list of accredited home care agencies in your area. For many people, reaching out to loved ones who have used a home health aide in the past is a trusted way to get information about people they’ve worked with and enjoyed. Whatever method you use, you can find information around fees and processes on any agency’s website.

Meet with Candidates

The agency you use can help ensure that the home health aides you’re interested in have undergone the required training and have the expertise you’re looking for, but that’s not the only thing to consider when hiring. Personality is extremely important because they act as a caregiver, not just a doctor or nurse. This is a much more personal role, so having a good relationship is key. Because of this, you shouldn’t be the only one meeting the candidates in person – your loved one who will be cared for should also be involved. Allow them to interact and ask for their feedback after the meeting so they can be involved as much as possible in making the final decision. Once you’ve narrowed down your list, make sure to reach out to all references listed and request a background check so you can cover all bases.

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