New Generic EpiPen Gives People Cheaper Alternative

Mar 21 • 2017

Over the last year, the price of the EpiPen was raised immensely. People suffering from allergies that need access to this form of epinephrine in case of emergency were outraged. It wasn’t long before people began searching for another alternative and found Adrenaclick. This generic version of the EpiPen offers the same dosage of epinephrine as the EpiPen, but at a much lower cost to patients.

Baptist Dr. Mark Castellaw shared his thoughts on this generic option and how people can best be protecting themselves from dangerous allergic reactions.

What is the new generic EpiPen?

The new generic EpiPen is a cheaper alternative to the Mylan Epipen product. This pen was pulled from the market for dosing issues that have now been resolved. The generic authorized Adrenaclick has been approved by the FDA.

How does this compare to the Mylan EpiPen?

The medicine is the same in EpiPen products – the main difference is in the cost.

What advice should all people be following in regards to severe allergies to stay safe?

Any medication needs to be approved and prescribed by your doctor. Proper allergy testing needs to be done on patients at risk and therapies prescribed. If food and environmental allergies are diagnosed, special ID bands should be worn by patients to help identify what they are at risk for in emergency situations. If your doctor prescribes meds, do not stop them until you receive approval from the doctor to discontinue. Above all, avoid the offending agent, such as nuts, shellfish, etc., and let friends and family know about your specific allergies.

If you’re interested in getting the generic EpiPen, ask your doctor to write a prescription for the generic version or simply for an “epinephrine auto-injector” rather than prescribing an EpiPen specifically. Consider shopping the prescription around at pharmacies in your area to find the lower price, as well as looking for prescription coupons to help lower the price.