Baptist’s Maternity Care Coordinator Offers Insight and Resources for New Moms

Nov 18 • 2016

Being a new mom is both exciting and scary. And researching all of the  parenting questions you’re likely to have can be overwhelming. In order to help, we have addressed some of the most common questions we get from expectant moms. Pam Sere, Maternity Care Coordinator at Baptist, has shared her insights to help bring you peace of mind as you wait for your little one’s arrival.

What are some of the most common questions you hear from new moms?

Probably questions surrounding safety concerns, including car seats, such as which ones are best, how to install them, and how to use them. I also get a lot of questions about safe sleep practices and what products are safe and which ones are necessary to buy versus just nice to have. We also have many mothers with developmental questions, like “Should my baby be doing this by this point,” or “Is it normal that they aren’t?” This is especially common for things like smiling, rolling over, crawling, and pulling up.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions new moms have?

That they can plan or control everything surrounding their baby. A lot of adjusting to a new baby is simply using what you have learned through classes and research and adjusting as you go since all babies are different.

What is one thing you wish new moms would consider more about than they typically do?

We wish they would consider the margin of time that their baby is little – to know that it is such a short period of time and to not sweat the small stuff. We want them to realize that finding your support, whether that be in the form of family, friends, hospital, or other outside resources, and communicating with and using those resources is really important for mom and baby.

What resources does Baptist offer to help new moms get prepared?

Before delivery, we offer a variety of different prenatal classes to help prepare our moms, including

  • Childbirth Class
  • Expectant Parents Class
  • Breastfeeding Class

During [a mom’s] hospital stay, we have specific discharge teaching classes and provide [her] with information on outside [maternity] resources she can reach out to. After delivery, we have a new moms support group called Beautiful Bundles. A mom can bring her baby, meet other new moms, and have expert help on hand for assistance with breastfeeding. There are also nurses available to answer questions and address concerns.

For those who are feeling overwhelmed, our “Rattled” support group is another resource [for new moms]. This group gives practical solutions and extra support to moms who are anxious or having trouble adjusting during the period of time after the baby is delivered. Our support groups are held at our Universal Parenting Place, which has a variety of activities and individual counseling available to parents dealing with parenting challenges. This can include anything from adjusting to a new baby and becoming a new mom to dealing with blended families. All of these services are free.