Living the 4th Trimester: A new mom’s emotional rollercoaster

Oct 17 • 2016

When the new baby arrives, you will find yourself immersed in newness; new tasks and joy, and oddly enough for many mothers, unexpected feelings of anxiety, isolation and sadness. Is this normal? Sharing stories with other women, you will soon find this is an all-too-common reality.

Referred to as postpartum depression, these mixed overwhelming feelings can leave new moms feeling lost or helpless—even a bit rattled.

To help new moms understand and cope better, Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women and the Universal Parenting Place are now offering a free, weekly support group. All moms can attend, regardless of where baby was born.

Sessions are open to moms and their children. The ongoing series allows an opportunity for women to compare experiences, talk about feelings, and gain greater understanding and insight. A registered nurse facilitates the discussion during all sessions.

While the sessions are free, seats are limited. We encourage you to call early to reserve your seat.

The group will meet on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the 5th floor UPP conference room at Women’s Hospital.

If you’re a new mom and would like to join us, please call 901-227-9873.

Baptist Women’s Hospital
Every Tuesday, 5:30 p.m.
Series begins October 18, 2016
UPP conference room, 5th floor