FAQ: What to Expect When Giving Birth at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women

Oct 4 • 2016

You’re pregnant and the time has come to choose the hospital you want to give birth in. There are many things to consider and it’s important that you feel confident in your decision – after all, it will be the place you experience one of the greatest moments of your life. Baptist Maternity Care Coordinator, Pam Sere, shares her answers below to some of the most common questions expectant mothers have when it comes to what they can anticipate to experience if they give birth at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women.

What can a pregnant mother expect when she arrives at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women to have her baby?

Couples arriving for delivery can pull up and park at the front door. If needed, wheelchairs are easily accessible. Laboring moms go directly to the 2nd floor and do not have to go through Admissions or the Emergency Department.

Moms will first go to an “admission room” for a quick assessment and the staff will notify mom’s OB doctor. Dad can park the car and then be right with her. Once it is determined that mom is in labor, she will be settled into one of our 23 birthing suites. She will be in this room for labor, delivery and about two hours of bonding and recovery time.  A limited number of visitors are allowed in the room during labor and delivery.  After delivery, when the parents have completed bonding and breastfeeding, all family members can come back to meet the new addition.

What kind of special amenities are offered at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women that are unique to the area?

Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women has individual birthing suites where moms can go through labor, delivery, and have an immediate postpartum recovery in one room. During recovery, special resource nurses are available to help new moms with skin to skin bonding and assist with breastfeeding. Moms and babies are encouraged to “room in” during their hospital stay so that moms are more comfortable with breastfeeding and other infant care when they are discharged, but help is always nearby.

Nurses who are lactation consultants and nurses with additional training in breastfeeding are available to help and support moms when they transfer to our Mother/Baby Unit after delivery.  We also have a core group of RN educators that assist with discharge teaching for moms and dads and are certified car seat safety technicians, so they can assist with car seat education and installation.

How does Baptist support moms after they return home?

Once mom goes home we continue support by encouraging our moms to join our new mom’s support group, Beautiful Bundles. This free group meets weekly and the same education nurses facilitate this group. They are able to help moms adjust to their new role, answer baby care questions, and assist with breastfeeding.

Our Universal Parenting Place is another great, free resource for our parents. The counselors there provide individual counseling for parents who are dealing with issues or challenges such as postpartum depression, dealing with a special needs child or a baby in the NICU, blended families, or parents that just feel they need a little more support to be a better parent. Anyone parenting a child is welcome to use these services, which also include other activities such Toddler Time Group, Music with Aardvarks, and a special speaker series on a variety of parenting topics.

How does Baptist work to meet an expectant mother’s birth plan?

The health and safety of mom and baby is our top priority, but we are generally able to work with your physician to enable you to have the type of birth that you desire.  A patient that has a birth plan should first discuss their wishes with their physician to make sure there are no contraindications to any of the things they desire to do.  We will in turn do our part by assisting the patient with those things; each patient’s situation is different.  We invite all patients to take a tour of our facility with our Maternity Care Coordinator, who can answer questions about general care and give you guidance to working with the Labor and Delivery staff so that you birth plan can be honored.

Why should an expectant mother choose Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women?

We provide a full continuum of family centered care with services for pregnant women, infants, and pediatrics. Our NICU is staffed by neonatologists, one of whom is in the hospital 24/7 for any issues that arise. Additionally, our Pediatric Emergency Department is staffed by providers who have advanced training in emergency medicine for children. Everything is child and family friendly and we have on-site child life specialists that can help children cope with their visit. Additionally, our convenient location has plenty of free parking and easy access for moms who are here having their baby and for parents who come back for pediatric care.

Do you have additional questions about the labor and delivery experience at Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women? Leave them in the comments or speak to your Baptist physician directly.