Study Shows Babysitting Can Benefit Grandmother’s Brains

Sep 15 • 2016

Grandmas love spending time with their grandkids – and parents love having them for a babysitting resource.  According to a new study, babysitting has the ability to keep grandma’s brain sharp.  Discover the benefits babysitting provides in addition to our helpful resource, Baptist Memory Care Center, for any memory issues.

Receive Health Benefits

The study, posted on Menopause, states that grandmothers who spent at least one day a week watching their grandkids performed better on cognitive tests. These results have allowed researchers to conclude that taking care of grandkids can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life. This is in addition to the positive mental and emotional health effects that come from spending time with the little ones.

Find A Good Balance

However, the study also showed that babysitting too often negatively impacted how grandmas performed on the same cognitive tests. Those who were babysitting once per week saw better results than grandmas who were watching their grandkids five times or more each week. Finding a good balance can help parents, grandparents, and kids benefit the most.

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