5 Surprising Benefits of Doing Yoga

Aug 26 • 2016

You know yoga can help you relax and quiet your body and mind, but did you know it also has a variety of other health benefits? As yoga continues to increase in popularity, we’ve outlined five more surprising reasons that you may want to give this fitness regimen a try.

  1. It can help you sleep better.
    If you’re having trouble sleeping, yoga was one of the most successful ways to treat insomnia without medication. Because it helps you relieve stress and anxiety, yoga allows your body to calm down and find sleep more easily.
  2. It can boost your memory.
    By reducing the amount of things your brain is focusing on throughout the day, yoga can help you improve your memory. With less tension on your body and your brain, you can more easily recall things and better organize thoughts, which lets your brain operate more effectively.
  3. It helps you fight against heart disease.
    Doing yoga is great for your heart because of the cardiovascular benefits and its role in improving your mental health. People who experienced heart failure added yoga to their treatment plan and were able to increase their ability to exercise and improve their overall heart health.
  4. It provides migraine relief.
    With regular yoga practice, people who struggle with migraines often find that they experience them less often and when they do have them, they are less painful. Although there is no specific cause for migraines, stress and poor posture that causes imbalances in the muscles may be part of the issue. Yoga can help ease both of these issues.
  5. It helps your overall immune system perform better.
    Because so much of what yoga is relies on breathing more effectively, your body begins to function better. This includes improving the strength of your immune system thanks to a boost in circulation.

Do you include yoga in your workout regimen? What surprising benefits have you seen from it? Share them with us in the comments.