Three Things to Bring to Chemotherapy

Jun 27 • 2016

Getting ready for your first chemotherapy trip can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know what to expect and how you will feel, but there are some things you can pack for your appointment that can help maximize your comfort and relieve some of the stress you might experience.

Having something with you to help you pass the time is a good way to keep yourself from feeling anxious during the treatment. Bring a tablet or laptop, your favorite movie, puzzles, or a book to occupy your time. Consider picking up a new hobby, such as knitting or crocheting. Additionally, if you have a friend or family member joining you for support, a board or card game can be another great option. For people who enjoy writing, consider keeping a journal during chemotherapy.

Comfortable Clothes & Accessories
Depending on what kind of chemotherapy treatment you’ll be undergoing, it could last anywhere from an hour to several hours and sometimes includes an overnight stay in the hospital. Being comfortable is crucial, so consider this when getting dressed. Keep in mind that you’ll want a shirt with a scoop neck or V-neck that is port accessible. Additionally, many treatment rooms can be chilly, so you’ll want to wear warm socks and bring along additional layers or blankets so you can adjust to the temperature.

Fluids & Snacks
Having fluids at your disposal is important because many people experience headaches due to dehydration. Consider bringing water, juice, or sports drinks to ensure your hydrated. This will also help your body flush out the toxins that are a result of chemo. You should also bring along some of your favorite snacks in case you get hungry. Many people develop food aversions during chemotherapy treatment, so bringing personal snacks will ensure you have more options than what the hospital offers.

If you have any questions about how your first chemotherapy treatment will work and what will be available to you during that time, speak with your doctor so he can provide you with the most accurate information.