One-Eighty: The New Addiction Treatment Program at Baptist

Apr 11 • 2016

Addiction and withdrawal are extremely difficult situations. Oftentimes people going through these challenges don’t have the help they need to make sure they overcome them. We’re proud to be teaming up with Impact Healthcare Management to offer a new program at Baptist Memorial Hospital – Collierville that will bring hope for patients facing withdrawal from alcohol, drugs, and prescription pain medication.

This new addiction and withdrawal treatment program, One-Eighty, is an inpatient medical service. It specializes in helping hospitals administer drug and alcohol-related withdrawal services. For most patients, the average length of stay in the program is just three days. One-Eighty is a voluntary service that helps those who require medical withdrawal stabilization before participating in another outpatient or long-term inpatient program that relates to chemical dependency.

Patients in this program will work with experienced professionals. It is a medical model, physician-directed, and delivers daily medical and nursing documentation and monitoring, as well as withdrawal treatment recommendations and follow-up referrals.

Baptist aims to stay on the leading edge of providing care to the Mid-South community. We recognize the importance of less traditional medical services and how important they are to the health and wellbeing of our community. With One-Eighty, Baptist is here for anyone who needs medical help in order to take the first step in turning away from substance abuse.

Learn more about the Baptist One-Eighty treatment program today.