Take a Hard Look at Running Shoes before Hitting the Pavement

Mar 4 • 2016

From your beginner runner, to a more seasoned runner, who has experienced a foot injury due to poor support or ill-fitting running shoes, can attest to the importance of evaluating shoes—long before that first mile is logged.

A great pair of running shoes can help you achieve your race goals and arrive injury-free at the finish line. So, how do you know what to buy? Following a few tips can make the difference between protecting your feet or ending up on the couch.

  • Buy shoes at least two sizes bigger than your typical shoe size. Your foot expands while you run so it’s important to have some room to allow for that expansion.
  • Visit a reputable running store with staff who can help you determine how your foot strikes the ground. Everyone is different. Depending on how your foot pronates and/or strikes the ground can determine the type and level of support needed in the shoe.
  • Replace your running shoe every six months or every 300-400 miles. While this may sound expensive, this practice far outpaces the cost of an injury.

If your feet are bothering you, maybe it’s time to check out your running shoes with the help of a professional. Caring for footwear will take you to the next mile.