Family Health

Baptist OneCare MyChart 101: Take Control of Your Health

Feb 29 • 2016

We know that managing your health records and the health records of your family can seem overwhelming. Our fully integrated electronic health record, Baptist OneCare MyChart, can help eliminate that stress and give you the tools you need to take control of your health. Not only does it digitize your patient files, but it also allows you to access your health records anytime, anywhere; refill prescriptions; make appointments with your doctor; and even consult with your doctor’s office remotely. It makes your continuum of care completely seamless by linking treatment, imaging, lab, and referral services on one easy-to-use platform. If you haven’t signed up yet, we’ve put together this brief guide to show you how to register and describe the variety of benefits this technology offers.

Creating an Account
After you’ve received a service at a Baptist facility, you’ll receive an enrollment letter with a code you can use to create your account. Visit the Baptist OneCare MyChart registration page and enter the information required. The website will walk you through three pages to complete your registration. Once you have an account, you can download the app for your phone as well so you can have easy access even if you’re not by your computer.

Making a Payment
Once you’ve logged in to your MyChart account, you can easily pay any outstanding bills. To do so, click “View details for account” and you’ll find the option to “view your account summary”. Upon arrival at that page, choose the billing tab and view your account summary. There you will find the option to pay your bill with ease. All you’ll need to enter is your billing address, credit card information, and security code. You’ll receive a confirmation screen you can keep for your records showing that you paid your bill.

Refilling a Prescription
Forget about having to call your pharmacy or your doctor – if you need a prescription refilled, you can easily do so through MyChart. You can get to the Rx Refill form directly from the homepage. From there, choose which of your prescriptions need to be filled from the prepopulated list. If you don’t see your medication on the list, you can choose “other” and type in the name manually. There is even a comments box for any additional information you need to relay. Use the dropdown menu to select the pharmacy where you want to pick it up and choose the delivery method, pickup time, and payment type. Submit your request and you’ll receive a confirmation page to keep for your records.

Send a Message
There are two different options within MyChart that allow you to reach out to your doctor and receive answers to your medical questions. The first option is using the “Get Medical Advice” form. You can also use the messaging feature. Both allow you to select a recipient for your message from a list of names, choose a subject, and enter your question. You can view health reminders, appointment reminders, notifications about test results, and messages from your health care providers in your inbox.

These basic features are just some of what Baptist OneCare MyChart has to offer. You can find out more about MyChart here and speak to a Baptist staff member for help with any additional questions.