Staying Well After Pancreatic Cancer Treatment

Nov 27 • 2015

Once your pancreatic cancer treatment ends, it may be hard to determine how to return to your “normal” life. As a cancer survivor, it is important to recognize any lifestyle changes that may need to be made now that this leg of your journey is over. Staying healthy overall is even more important now than it was before. Where should you start?

Ditch Any Bad Habits
If you’re still engaging in lifestyle choices that can negatively impact your health, now is the time to kick them to the curb. This includes things like intense stress levels, excessive alcohol consumption, and smoking. Identify which habits will be most difficult for you to overcome and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Consider finding a support group in your area or partnering with friends or family members looking to make the same lifestyle change.

Adjust Your Diet
Treatment for pancreatic cancer can impact your appetite or change the way your body is able to digest different foods. You may find yourself losing weight and feeling nauseous, both of which can impact how and what you consume. However, maintaining a healthy diet is extremely important. There are tons of long-term benefits to making sure that you are increasing the amount and variety of healthy foods you include in each meal. Do your best to maintain a healthy weight for your body type and if necessary, work with a dietician to determine the best diet for your post-pancreatic cancer needs.

Stay Active
Physical activity is a great way to stay healthy after pancreatic cancer treatment, but it is important to speak with your doctor about the best way to increase your exercise regimen. For people who felt weak and therefore stayed inactive during treatment, becoming active again can be more difficult as your levels of endurance and strength are likely lower than before. Start slowly and gradually increase your fitness routine as your strength grows. Ask your doctor for personal recommendations before beginning any workout schedule. Not only will exercise benefit your body physically, but it will also improve your emotional health.

If you’re concerned about returning to daily life post-pancreatic cancer treatment, don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor and develop a plan that works for your lifestyle.