Baptist Memory Care Center Offers Unique Services to the Mid-South

Oct 20 • 2015

Baptist Memorial Health Care is proud to offer the services of the Baptist Memory Care Center to the community. The first memory assessment center affiliated with a hospital in the tri-state area, the Baptist Memory Care Center provides free memory screenings and helps patients and their caregivers find the community resources and support they need.

Did you know an estimated five million Americans ages 65 and older are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia? In the next 20 years, this number is estimated to triple. Currently, there is a gap in the medical service industry when it comes to assisting individuals who are looking to know if they are experiencing normal aging or if the symptoms they experience might be more serious.

“Folks who have a memory screening are able to receive input and information to help them,” said Susan Crowson, Program Manager at Baptist Memory Care Center. “With that in mind, the Center is here to provide an assessment of their memory status.” Using Baptist’s MyChart, this documentation is available to their doctors.” Additionally, since dementia diseases are degenerative, getting an assessment helps families understand long range care needs and Memory Center staff can refer families to helpful community services.

This center is unique because the services offered are free with no strings attached. It is funded through the Baptist Foundation and is not partnered with a pharmaceutical company or research facility. “The total goal is to offer this at no cost, no need for insurance,” Crowson said. “We don’t bill anything. A patient whose insurance doesn’t allow them to come to Baptist can still come to the Memory Center.”

When a patient visits the Baptist Memory Care Center, caregivers are encouraged to join them. The first appointment is an assessment that is directed to the patient and the caregiver in the same room. This allows them to hear and observe one another and can bring clarity to both parties. A standardized survey that taps into cognitive domains and observations from the staff are compiled and documented in the patient’s medical records. “By collecting information from family members as well as the patient, we are able to get a better picture of the patient’s situation,” said Crowson.

While the staff at the Memory Care Center does not provide a diagnosis, they do provide recommendations that could include visiting your primary care doctor for medical management or a referral to a neurologist for high-level assessments. Because everything is documented in the patient’s permanent medical record, doctors tending to them will have access to the information gathered. Patients and their caregivers can also receive brochures from local businesses and referrals from the Memory Care Center staff.

If you or a loved one are experiencing memory issues, consider visiting the Baptist Memory Care Center to find the support you need. Call 901.227.1234 for a Memory Screening today!