Family Health

Low-Impact Exercises for the Entire Family

Sep 25 • 2015

Low impact exercises are great ways to get physical activity into your daily routine regardless of your age. Low impact means that these activities don’t require your limbs to be in contact with a hard surface. Things like biking and swimming are low impact, while running or jump roping would be high impact. Exercising in this way can improve cardiovascular health, reduce the risk of hurting your joints, and boost weight loss. Below are four low impact exercises that can be done individually or with members of your family.

Walking is a great low impact exercise that is great for anyone, especially people who are just getting started with exercise and fitness. Almost every muscle in your body is utilized while walking, so you can feel great knowing that you’re getting a full body workout. Whether you choose to walk outside in your neighborhood or in a gym on the treadmill, you can easily increase the difficulty by changing speed, adjusting the incline, or increasing the amount of time you spend walking.

Biking is another great low impact option that can be done both indoors and out. If you choose to bike outside, make sure everyone in your family is fitted for a bike that is right for them, as well as a helmet, in order to prevent injury. If you’d prefer to bike inside, consider taking a spin class. Just like with walking, you can vary your workouts by changing your route, increasing resistance, and adjusting speed throughout the activity.

Swimming is a great way to get fit and is especially beneficial for people who have joint issues or are overweight. Working out in a swimming pool is a low impact option that provides cardiovascular benefits and can help strengthen muscles. Practice endurance and speed with laps and build muscle by adjusting which kind of stroke you choose.

Not only are these low impact exercises great for your body, but they can be done by people of all ages. Invite your family to go for a walk, bike ride around the neighborhood, or enjoy a swim in the local pool. Working out together allows you to improve your health while also spending quality time with your loved ones.