5 Must-Know Workout Tips for Women

Sep 30 • 2015

Many people would love to spend less time at the gym but still get great results. The truth is that you can. We’ve compiled some workout tips for women that can help you maximize the time you spend on fitness, getting you the body you’ve always wanted.

Get Your Heart Rate Up
Stretching before doing any kind of cardio exercise is a common step for women. While there is no negative to stretching, it doesn’t get your heart rate up or warm your muscles. Doing this is crucial because it can help you avoid injury and increase the amount of calories that get burned during your workout. Instead, take whatever exercise you’re planning to do and spend about five minutes doing it at a low level. Once you’ve done this, begin to gradually increase the speed until you’re at the level you want for the peak of your workout.

Moderation for Form
If there is an exercise you struggle with, the best option is to modify instead of trying to push yourself. While this may seem counterintuitive, the fact is that if you find yourself struggling, chances are you are not performing the exercise in the correct form. Your body will see a bigger benefit if you modify to a point where you are working the muscles as intended rather than incorrectly doing the full version of an exercise.

Change It Up
A huge myth many women have heard is that lifting with heavier weights will cause them to get bulky. Because of this, many women use smaller weights without increasing, even when lifting them becomes easy. As your muscles get stronger, they build up a resistance and will eventually hit a plateau. To keep yourself looking toned, increase the amount of weight you’re lifting slowly but steadily over time.

Fit Exercise into Your Life
Trying to make your life revolve around getting to the gym is a surefire way to find yourself giving up. Instead, make fitness work around your life. Too busy to get to the gym? Try an at-home workout. Have to keep the kids entertained? Bring them along on a walk through the neighborhood or go biking together. There are thousands of ways to get and stay fit, no matter how packed your schedule may be. The key is finding a personalized fitness plan that works for you.

Consistency is Key
No matter what kind of exercise routines you try, staying consistent is the most important thing. Remember that your body will not change overnight, but giving up will never get you to the healthy point you’re aiming for. Make realistic goals that you can build on week after week and don’t compare yourself to anyone else. You may not be able to run a mile in six minutes, but sticking on the treadmill long enough to get to that mile is just as important. Your endurance and stamina will improve as long as you keep working at it.

What are some of your favorite workout tips that keep you motivated? Share them with other women in the comments.