Meet Baptist Memorial Health Care CEO Jason Little

May 11 • 2015

As President and CEO of Baptist Memorial Health Care, I want to be someone that the community can trust to provide answers about health care questions both locally and nationally. I will be sharing weekly blog posts with readers that discuss a variety of topics, beginning with my vision for these posts. In this video, I’ll share with you my goals for the blog, what I hope my viewpoint will bring to the community, and how you can interact with me both here and on Twitter.

I welcome your feedback, as well as encourage you to leave comments with topics you would like me to discuss in the future. I look forward to sharing my thoughts on health care, Baptist news, stories from my personal life, and much more.

  • Robbin Holman

    I have read many articles about the future of wearable technology. Moving from the Fitbit stage to things such as contacts that check your sugar level and some other things, and apparel for women that detect possible breast cancer, or tumors. There are many different suggestions of where we will be going with wearable technology. How do you see that fitting into healthcare professionally instead of just personal health?

    • Jason Little

      Thank you for the great question Robbin. We think wearable and/or
      mobile technology will play an important role in the future of health care and
      Baptist. Our strategic planning process is already aimed at partnering
      with companies and products that take advantage of these technologies to keep
      people healthy and lower the cost of health care. As an example, Baptist
      OneCare will grow in the future as an App store for developers and is added to
      the architecture of our electronic medical record. Our patients already
      benefit by having all of their information centralized in the Baptist OneCare
      record; however, the promise of telemedicine and these new apps will further
      enhance our ability to care for people in any place they may need care. We
      already have devices inside patients’ homes reporting their blood pressure,
      weight and other vital signs to us for the management of chronic
      disease. We will continue to expand and integrate with new wearable
      technologies that help give patients the data they need to stay healthy and the
      information we need to help. Thank you for your question. It will be
      a very exciting future that we will work on together.