Three Tips for Coping Emotionally with a Premature Birth

Apr 10 • 2015

Having a premature baby can be difficult to cope with. Everything from the birth experience to taking your new baby home can change drastically, and the roller coaster of emotions that comes along with it can be overwhelming. Every parent’s experience is different, but these three tips can help you deal with the pain and worry and focus on the joy of your new baby:

  1. Allow yourself the time you need to deal with your emotions. Don’t be afraid to ask others for help with things that need to get done or to spend time with your baby while you take time for yourself. Don’t hesitate to address your feelings and find the best way for you to deal with them personally. Open up your schedule so you can participate in stress-relieving activities you enjoy like yoga, reading a book, or
    taking a bath.
  2. Stay informed about what’s going on with your baby so you can feel confident knowing how the situation is progressing. If your little one is in the NICU, call them anytime you have a question or concern, no matter how early or late it may be. Someone is always on staff to speak with you and getting an update may help you feel more relaxed and in control.
  3. Seek comfort from others. Whether you’re speaking with family members or finding a support group, having someone to lean on and talk to about your experience is important. Share your feelings and reach out when you need reassurance. Your loved ones will be happy to provide the love and care you need to cope, and people who have went through the same situation may be able to provide insights you had not thought of yourself.

If you still find yourself struggling, speak to your doctor to find out what recommendations he may have to help you cope.