Four Causes of Sports Injuries in Children and How to Prevent Them

Feb 16 • 2015

Experiencing an injury while playing sports can be scary for both the child and the parents. The truth is, sports injuries are some of the most common causes of injuries in children that are treated in emergency rooms and primary care offices. Below are four ways you can help prevent them.

  1. Make sure that your child has the correct gear for whatever sport he is playing. Educate him on how to use it properly and make sure he understands the importance of using it every time he plays, including
    practice. This can reduce the possibility of injury.
  2. Include warming up and cooling down in your child’s routine. Doing this before and after any participation in sports is crucial. Warming up makes the tissue in the body warmer and more flexible, while cooling down helps to loosen any muscles that might have tightened up while exercising.
  3. Be sure your child has water or sports drink on hand whenever playing sports. Teach him the importance of drinking frequently and staying hydrated throughout practice or a game.
  4. Once your child has shown an interested in participating on a sports team, enroll him in organized sports through his school or local recreation area. These teams should have coaches that are trained in first-aid, know how to respond to emergencies, and can administer CPR. They should also know how to properly use all equipment and be strict in enforcing rules that impact safety. Don’t hesitate to speak with coaches before signing your child up to make sure they meet your expectations.

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