Healthy Snacking Tips for Super Bowl Sunday

Jan 28 • 2015

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and many people celebrate their team by throwing a party filled with snacks and finger foods for guests to munch on. Popular options like chips and dip make the Super Bowl one of the most calorie-filled days of the year for a lot of Americans.
Try these tips to transform Super Bowl snacks into delicious, healthier options.

Chicken Wings
Instead of frying chicken wings, bake them! Try a light marinade with olive oil instead of thick, heavy sauces like barbeque or buffalo. Skip the ranch or bleu cheese dressings or choose a lighter option, like a homemade dipping sauce made with yogurt.

One of the most popular snack items at Super Bowl parties is dip for chips, veggies, pitas, and more. Many dips are made with fattening bases like mayonnaise, sour cream, or creamy dressings. To make a healthier version, use Greek yogurt instead. It has much less fat and calories and also provides you with a great source of protein.

French Fries
This fried, greasy snack can pile on the calories quickly. As an alternative to French fries, try battering vegetables like zucchini, green beans, or avocado instead. These are great to munch on, have almost half the calories, and offer more vitamins your body needs.

A winter staple and party favorite, chili can be easily adjusted for a healthier, delicious option. Go with extra lean ground beef, ground turkey, or ground chicken for a lighter alternative and pack in as many vegetables as possible. Onions, mushrooms, bell peppers, and carrots are just a few of the low-calorie vegetable choices that are packed with benefits.

What are your favorite Super Bowl snacks? Find recipes and more here.