Healthy Resolutions Your Child Can Make in 2015

Jan 12 • 2015
Healthy Resolutions Your Child Can Make in 2015

New Year’s resolutions are often focused on how adults can improve their lives, but there are many ways that kids can get involved in making resolutions for their upcoming year, too. Sit down with your children to discuss what making a resolution means. Keep it simple and make realistic goals that the kids will feel positive about.

Personalize these resolution ideas for your little ones:

  • Limit sugar intake each week. Make sure your children understand the impact of eating or drinking too much sugar and analyze how much of these kinds of foods they are having normally. Determine how their sugar intake can be limited and what other alternatives they can enjoy. Instead of removing treats from their diet altogether, schedule special days for indulging so it does not seem like a punishment. Moderation is the key, and learning this is great for your children.
  • Sit down with your kids and discuss a sport they would like to try in the New Year. Traditional sports are a great option, but there are also all kinds of extracurricular activities or fitness classes that can appeal to any interest your child might have.
  • Make a plan to cook together as a family. Depending on how old your children are, they can get involved by setting the table, mixing ingredients, or planning the meal ideas for the week. Bring them to the grocery store to help pick ingredients and develop a passion for food. This will also help get them more interested in eating healthy foods. Develop a schedule for different family members to come up with different recipes.
  • In addition to cooking together as a family, have your child make a resolution to commit to trying new foods each week. Whether it is a fruit, vegetable, herb, or heart-healthy protein, this resolution can feel like an adventure for your child. Not only will they find a variety of foods they enjoy, but it will also change the way they look at trying something new.

For more New Year’s resolution ideas for children of all ages, check out this list.

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