Stay Thankful for your Good Health with Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

Nov 13 • 2014
Stay Thankful for your Good Health with Heart-Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

The holidays are coming up quickly, and for many people it is a difficult time to continue with healthy dieting. Luckily there are some simple ways that you can still indulge in your favorite holiday dishes without feeling guilty afterward.

Do Your Research
Look up some heart-healthy recipes ahead of time to make sure you have all the correct ingredients. Keep your house stocked with low-fat version of staples that you use in all kinds of holiday dishes, like milk, butter, soups, and more.

Look at Turkey Differently
When cooking the turkey, try going for an herb and seasoning rub instead of using butter. This provides plenty of flavor for the meat without all of the guilt. When loading up your plate, go for light meat instead of dark meat. Keep your portion around four ounces and before you sit down to eat, remove the skin.

Think Through Second Servings
If you’ve finished your first plate and want to go back up for more, consider choosing a second helping of vegetables instead of stuffing or mashed potatoes. However, remember that even vegetables can be unhealthy if done the wrong way. If you have a choice between simple carrots or a green bean casserole, go for the simple option every time. Casseroles and other heavy vegetable sides lose their health value when topped with cheese or made with a lot of whole milk and butter.

Quench Your Thirst the Right Way
Drinking water throughout the meal will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also keep you from overeating. Avoid sugary drinks and limit your alcohol intake to reduce calories.

What are some of your favorite healthy Thanksgiving recipes? Share them in the comments below.