Four Ways You Can Lower Your Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

Nov 24 • 2014
Four Ways You Can Lower Your Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

At this time, we are not sure exactly what causes pancreatic cancer. Despite this, there have been several risk factors that have been identified. Below are four ways you can lower your risk of getting pancreatic cancer.

  1. Stop Smoking
    Tobacco use is one of the biggest risk factors in terms of pancreatic cancer. People who smoke are almost twice as likely to develop this disease when compared to non-smokers. This could be due in part to the cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke. It is estimated that around 20 to 30 percent of pancreatic cancer cases may be caused by cigarette smoking.
  2. Lose Weight
    Another risk for developing pancreatic cancer is whether you are overweight or obese. People that are extremely overweight are around 20 percent more likely to be diagnosed with this disease. It is also important to note that people who suffer from diabetes may also find themselves at a higher risk. By keeping your weight healthy, you can reduce both of these factors.
  3. Reduce Alcohol Consumption
    Research has shown that alcohol consumption could lead to pancreatic cancer. For people who drink on a regular basis, it is important to cut down the intake of alcohol or, preferably, stop drinking alcohol completely.
  4. Develop Healthy Eating Habits
    A healthy diet is important in all aspects of your life, but it can also be a way to prevent pancreatic cancer. Eating foods low in saturated fats, high in whole grains, and full of fruits and vegetables is a great place to start. Having high levels of folate in your diet has also been shown to decrease the likelihood of pancreatic cancer.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. Find out more about this disease here.