Scheduling Your Regular Checkup? See How it Can Aid in Disease Prevention

Oct 22 • 2014
Scheduling Your Regular Checkup? See How it Can Aid in Disease Prevention

Many times people put off getting a regular checkup because it doesn’t seem extremely important. The truth is, seeing your doctor regularly is a great way to prevent disease. Undergoing regular tests and health exams can help you find problems early or even detect possible issues before they start. This allows you to improve your health and take steps towards living a longer life.

If you play an active role in your visit, you can get a lot of great information out of it. Be sure to review your family history and make any necessary updates, as well as come up with a list of questions you want to ask. If you have any specific health concerns, be sure to bring those up. Your doctor will also provide you with advice about your checkup, including what kind of tests he recommends based on your age and health history.

For women, it is important to get weight and blood pressure checked regularly, as well as a Pap test every three years after the age of 21 (or once they become sexually active). Mammograms should be scheduled every year after turning 40, or sooner if the risk of breast cancer runs in the family. After the age of 65, women should be tested for osteoporosis and between the ages of 50 and 75, it is important to screen for colorectal cancer.

Men should also have their weight and blood pressure checked on a regular basis. After the age of 35, regular cholesterol tests should be administered. Starting at age 50, men should be tested for colorectal cancer until they are older than 75. It is also important to test for prostate cancer. As with women, any disease that is prevalent in the family should be screened for earlier and more often.

By visiting your doctor once a year and screening for these important diseases, it gives you the ability to actively prevent them from developing or catch them early so they can be treated more easily. Next time you receive that reminder card in the mail for your checkup, don’t toss it to the side – call your doctor and take the first step to a healthier lifestyle.