Health Screenings for Men

Sep 10 • 2014
Health Screenings for Men

Did you know?

  • 67 million American adults (31%) have high blood pressure—that’s 1 in every 3 adults. Only about half of those have their condition under control. Having uncontrolled high blood pressure significantly increases your risk for heart disease and stroke, the leading causes of death in the United States. *Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

These statistics can be sobering, but there is plenty you can do to check on and/or improve your health. First, make sure to visit your family physician for an annual physical and get regular health screenings and tests. Getting the right health screenings will help identify any health problems you may have early on, ensuring the best chance of treatment and cure.

Talk to your family doctor about what screenings may be appropriate for you. Your age, health, family history and lifestyle may impact which screenings you need to increase your chances for living a longer, healthier life.

Here is also a list of recommended screenings for men by age:

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