Questions to ask During Your First Prenatal Visit

Aug 18 • 2014
Questions to ask During Your First Prenatal Visit

Congratulations! You’ve missed your monthly cycle and the pregnancy test came back positive. At eight weeks along, you’re expecting your first child and preparing for your first prenatal visit.

After a slew of tests and an internal ultrasound, your obstetrician or nurse practitioner will ask if you have any questions. As a first time mom, you’re likely to have quite a few, and this is your opportunity to ask them. Don’t be embarrassed or think any question is silly; you want to be as informed as possible.

To stay organized, you may want to keep a notebook or use the Notes app on your phone to keep track of questions you have in between appointments.

To get started, here are a few questions you may want to ask:

  • How much weight should I gain?
  • What foods should I avoid? How much more should I be eating?
  • Can I exercise? If so, what exercises can I do? What shouldn’t I do?
  • Are there any medications I shouldn’t take? What can I take for allergies? A cold? A headache? Heartburn? Nausea?
  • Should I take a prenatal vitamin? Is there a certain kind I should take?
  • Can I continue coloring my hair? Painting my nails?
  • Is it safe to be intimate during pregnancy?
  • Is it safe to travel? Can I fly?
  • Are there any common symptoms I may experience that I should call you about?
  • How will I know if I am in labor?
  • What position should I sleep in? Can I sleep on my stomach? Back?
  • When will I feel the baby move?
  • Can I drink caffeine?

Recommended review by an OB/GYN